What is The Special Relationship?


The Special Relationship is the polymath of literary evenings. In 2016, The Special Relationship was selected for the British Council's International Literary Showcase.

We've been created shows for the Southbank Centre, Writers' Centre Norwich, Latitude Festival, Scottish Poetry Library, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, the International Anthony Burgess Centre and for the Croatian Ministry for Culture at the London Book Fair.

Our work has featured  in the New Statesman, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Metro, Grazia, BBC Radio 4 World at One as well as local press.

Get in touch, we’re info [at] thespecialrelationship.net

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The Special Relationship has been creating and hosting literary events since 2010. Our goal is to create memorable events that celebrate the written word. We like to collaborate/integrate/mix with other artistic forms (e.g. illustration, video, music, set design, dance, theatre). We want to bring new audiences to literature. We aim to produce unique literary events that include the participation of under-represented individuals and groups.
We truly believe literature is for everyone. 

TSR + Writer's Centre Norwich = <3

"The Special Relationship is at the vanguard of a dramatic re-envisioning of what literature might be when presented live. Writers' Centre Norwich was thrilled to work with The Special Relationship on The Story Machine, an immersive and multi-media celebration of short stories that premiered at Norfolk & Norwich Festival in 2016. The TLS described it as: 'Joyous in tone, international in scope and direct in its confrontation with serious issues, The Story Machine…was beautifully done. Other festival producers should take note.' The Special Relationship has since been selected as one of 25 organisations doing interesting, innovative, and impactful work to be featured in the International Literature Showcase."
- Sam Ruddock, Programme Manager, Writers' Centre Norwich

We are always interest in partnerships with artists, organisations, publishers and venues that want to push the boundaries of literature as a live event. We want to talk to people who seek to enthuse readers by creating a space where they can celebrate their passion for the written word.
Most importantly, we want to put on a good show that the audience will enjoy and remember. We want to demonstrate that in the 21st century saturated with multimedia, multiscreen experiences that literature still has the power to enthrall.
Below are a few of the partners we have worked with in the past.

Bad Language Manchester, Anthony Burgess Centre, Comma Press
The Anthony Burgess Centre,  
Bad Language Manchester
and Comma Press

The Latitude Festival Literary Salon
The Latitude Festival's
Literary Salon

The Croatian Writer's Society, Istros Books and the Croatian Ministry of Culture
The Croatian Writers Society,
the Croatian Ministry of Culture
and Istros Books